Our Story

About Salty Ink

Have you ever taken a leap of faith? Well that’s what we did. With many years of experience working within the fashion industry the decision was made in 2015 to launch  a swimwear brand we called Salty Ink to show the world how great Australian designed swimwear could be!!!

Salty Ink is a unique swimwear and beachwear brand which offers exclusive bright print designs, colourful youthful trends and creativity in styling.

The work and commitment has been intense. A quote from our designer says it all ."It has been a very stressful time. However I have put all my energy,passion and hard work into developing this brand that I love".

The Salty Ink team is an amazing group of people who have had a vast amount of experience in the swimwear industry. Their goal is to create a product range which offers the uniqueness you deserve.

For each collection we draw inspiration from all over the world.Our main influence though comes from the beach lifestyle we enjoy in this great Land Down Under

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, good quality and that perfect fit.

On Offer is a wide variety of product categories to suit all your needs including sun protection, swimwear, cover-ups, beachwear, towels and accessories.

Join us on our new and exciting journey.

Welcome to the Salty Ink experience XXXXX