Salty Ink's Secret Sauce for Swimwear Manufacturing

The process of creating the garment you purchase starts with the designer using her creative talent to develop her designs at the Salty Ink head office in Sydney.

The patterns for these designs are mostly made in-house by our experienced patternmaker. We also use freelance patternmakers that specialise in the swimwear industry.

All the prints for our swimwear are exclusive to Salty Ink. They are produced in Australia by an amazing graphic artist who works closely with our designer to create bright, fun and colourful prints which are unique.

Samples then have to be manufactured.This is done at one of our factories with the designer herself often working very closely with the specialised machinists to create the final garment. She sometimes even sews the garment herself.

All of our fitting is done in Australia.We use a range of different models who are true to size to create that perfect fit that we strive for at Salty Ink.

Fabrics are sourced from all over the world. Our designs are then digitally printed on theses fabrics by suppliers in Australia, China and India. Some of our designs need to be screen printed and this is currently done in China. All of these fabric suppliers are selected to meet our very high standards of quality and reliability.

At Salty Ink we take pride in our products so we work very closely with some of the best factories specialising in swimwear manufacturing in Australia,China and India. The close contact we maintain with these factories and their internal quality systems ensure our garments are manufactured to the highest standard.

Our warehouse is located in Sydney where all orders are processed an packed ready for delivery.