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Designer Beachwear Australia

Discover a range of designer beachwear made to be worn on Australian beaches. With flattering styles and exclusive patterns, our designer swimwear for women is perfect for any seaside adventure. Browse the range now.

Best Designer Beachwear & Swimsuits Collection in Australia

Salty Ink is an Australian swimwear company that designs and manufactures designer swimwear perfect for our beloved Australian beaches. We have a range of flattering styles in exclusive patterns and colours crafted from premium materials that are sure to stand out. From string bikinis to more supportive swimwear styles, we have something for everyone.

Salty Ink is a lifestyle brand inspired by the coastal community of Australia. A carefree, young attitude that values freedom, independence, and adventure is embodied by the members of our group and is what comes through in our designs. Our designer beachwear is for people who enjoy high-quality finishes, and meticulous attention to detail.

Designed for the most colourful and bubbly adventurers of all ages, our swimwear is perfect for playing in the surf, riding the waves, or even just relaxing back on the sand with confidence. Using eye-catching prints, interesting textures, and high-quality fabrics, all our items, from swimsuits to cover-ups, are created with care and will take you from the beach to brunch in no time!

The commitment to remaining true to our origins in our goal to enable women worldwide to look and feel their best in quality, fashionable, and accessible swimwear is something we take very seriously. Move with confidence, comfort, and style in Salty Ink Designs.

Buy Designer Swimsuits Australia

We create our designs with various body types and sizes in mind. With classic one-pieces, exclusive prints, and cheery colourful bikinis, there's something for every woman to feel beautiful on the inside and out. We strive to ensure that every woman has access to high-quality swimwear without the hefty price tag so often associated with it. Prepare to fall in love with our ocean-inspired beachwear that has been carefully designed for you.

Quality, Sustainable Swimwear For Everyone

Unlike other swimwear brands, we are a small team of avid beachgoers who live in our swimsuits and beachwear. We design and manufacture everything from one-piece suits to bikinis, cover-ups, and rash shirts that our customers can live in too! Each suit sample is individually tested by our team of specialists over multiple wears to guarantee comfort and quality of fit for a wide variety of body types. Whether in the water or soaking up the sun, we want our suits to feel fantastic on us no matter what we're doing. And, if it doesn’t pass the fit test, it goes straight back to the drawing board. Simple as that.

The Salty Ink brand has been providing a range of stunning designer beachwear in Australia since its inception in 2015. We love to chase the sun, and we believe that sustainability is an essential component of a well-curated lifestyle. Curated implies, to us, that something has been carefully considered. As a result, we spent years inspecting factories, researching ethical materials, and testing sample designs before introducing our first collection. As an alternative to creating fashionable swimsuits and beachwear that will wind up in a landfill after a single season, we create attractive, high-quality items that will last for years. In addition, we price our swimsuits and beachwear at a nominal price markup, which is the precise amount we need to keep our label operating while keeping our swimsuits and beachwear as affordable as possible.

We believe that a day at the beach should inspire confidence in your swimwear, and for us, that means perfect fit, bright designs, and a return to slow fashion as the norm. You should feel confident in your beachwear, which includes knowing that every piece was ethically sourced from the start of the production process through to the finish. So, if you’re looking to buy designer swimsuits in Australia, whether you are looking for a flattering one-piece swimsuit or a beautifully designed bikini, you’ll find it in our range.

For The Best Shopping Experience

With express shipping across Australia and internationally with our delivery partners DHL or International Registered Post, as well as luxurious signature packaging, easy returns, and multilingual Customer Care and Personal Shopping experts that are available 24/7, 365 days a year, Salty Ink strives to provide the best possible customer service experience. You may get in touch with us by writing to customerinfo@saltyinkdesigns.com.au.

Discover More From Salty Ink Designs

In addition to our range of women’s designer beachwear in Australia, we have a range of styles for children of all ages. Browse our range of kids’ designer beachwear today!

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Salty Ink Designer Beachwear Australia - FAQs

Is it safe to make an online purchase with Salty Ink?

It"s more secure than it's ever been. Securing potentially sensitive information such as your name, address, and any other vitally sensitive information, such as your credit card information, is accomplished via the use of industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. We do not store or retain any of your credit card information on our computers or in any other database. To protect your credit card information, it is securely transferred to the payment gateway, where it is verified and charged.

Do I need to create an account to purchase with you?

No, to purchase through the Salty Ink site, you do not need to create an account. However, we do take note of our repeat customers and frequently reward them for their loyalty.

How much will shipping and handling be?

We charge a fixed fee of $7.95 for orders inside Australia that are less than $150.00. Any orders totalling more than $150.00 qualify for free shipping to anywhere in Australia. All international orders are subject to different pricing based on location, which does not include taxes or customs.