Range of Elegant Collection of Ladies Swimwear in Australia

When it comes to choosing the ideal ladies’ swimwear or a one-piece swimwear in Australia for relaxing by the pool, standing up on a surfboard, or running after your children, we realise that it may be difficult, particularly when shopping online. Put an end to your compromising and questioning! We are here to assist you!

Salty Ink is a one-piece swimwear and ladies swimwear specialty company in Australia that is enthusiastic about inspiring people through the sport of swimming. We thrive on developing real connections with our customers to provide a customised service. We are excellent listeners and problem solvers, and we have a specialised understanding of swimwear fits and methods. We are dedicated to helping you in finding a one-piece swimwear or a ladies swimwear that complements your body type, personal style, and lifestyle choices. Contact us now! Because we believe in promoting body acceptance and confidence in our customers, and because we realise that the correct garment can make a world of difference.

Our one-piece swimwear and ladies’ swimwear collection have something to fit every body shape and size, with stunning patterns, contrasting textures, and slimming lines to complement any body type or size. Our collection includes everything from supportive swimsuits designed for productive vacations to precise and gentle swimwear for those lazy days by the beach with a good book in hand. Our elegant designs are designed to be worn on the beach and in the sea, and they are perfect for any trip. At Salty Ink's our exclusive designs are classic, elegant, and timeless and although fads come and go, the right fitting suit shouldn’t.

Our business, Salty Ink, is founded on the idea of empowering women through the pleasure of swimming. The best way to do so is to walk along the sand in a suit that makes you feel good in your own skin, and our one-piece swimwear and ladies’ swimwear collections are designed to do just that.

It all began not long ago, because of our enthusiasm for the world of swimsuits and beach apparel. The goal for us at Salty Ink has always been to provide affordable luxury one piece swimwear and ladies swimwear for strong and elegant women, with passionate and sensuous designs that can be readily recognised from across the room, while also making them feel fashionable, seductive, and classy all at the same time.

Our clothing is about affordability, luxury, and style, but we think there is another dimension to them that has limitless potential, and that is the capacity to communicate a message, both to the individual who is wearing our clothes and to any casual onlookers. To inspire women to acquire confidence, love themselves, and reinvent their style via fashion, so that they may view themselves with a new set of eyes and feel as beautiful as they have never felt before is our goal.

To truly live by your own standards and achieve your full potential, our clothing is intended to help you cut through the clarity, confidence, and inspiration in you, while also encouraging others to do the same. That is what Salty Ink is all about passion, elegance, and the desire to become the greatest version of yourself. We are certain that we can all agree that finding a suitable set of one-piece swimwear or ladies’ swimwear is one of the most difficult apparel tasks. At Salty Ink, we want to make your swimsuit buying experience a bit less stressful than it has to be.

Our women's swimwear is designed for those who like being in the water. Salty Ink products are designed and manufactured in Australia using only the finest quality materials and exquisite textiles. In addition to being breathable and quick drying, the fabric also offers the best stinger and abrasion protection available. Salty Ink also makes it easier to get into and out of bulky wetsuits, which is a bonus. The combination of all these characteristics has established Salty Ink as a go-to brand for female swimwear and beachwear, but they are also favoured by professional women paddle surfers, swimmers, divers, and other water sports. Salty Ink's beautiful designs and prints are exclusive to Salty Ink and are produced only by Salty Ink.

Contact our customer service team by sending an email to customerinfo@saltyinkdesigns.com.au if you have any questions about your shopping experience or if you're having trouble finding the right matching one piece swimwear or ladies’ swimwear for you. Continue your shopping!


  1. How should I take care of my swimwear?
    Wash in cold water with a moderate detergent on a gentle cycle.
  2. Is it possible to try on swimwear before purchasing it?
    For the time being, we are just a virtual storefront operating online. It is our intention to establish a shop in the near future, and we will also organise exhibitions and events where you will be able to try on our swimsuits before making a purchase.
  3. What happens if a product is out of stock?
    If the item you have selected is not available in the size you need, we will give you a comparable item from our current stock.